Vets from Camp Lejeune advised to start locally

DARKE COUNTY – Camp Lejeune, NC has issued a cancer warning for those who lived on base between 1953 and 1987.

It is believed those who lived on base during the timeframe may have suffered cancer, serious injury, or even death due to water contamination. Camp Lejeune is the largest Marine Corps base on the East Coast, and it is located in Jacksonville, NC.

Camp Lejeune was established in 1941, and is one of the worst water contamination cases known in U.S. history. During 1953 through 1987, approximately one million people lived on the base where the contaminated water was located – unknowingly drinking and bathing in its contaminants daily.

Allegedly oil, petrol, industrial wastewater, and toxic chemicals were knowingly dumped into local storm drains by the U.S. government. Not only was this an issue, but buried fuel tanks leaked into the drinking water supply.

Commissioner Matt Aultman advised the veteran’s department had come into the Board of Commissioners’ office and shared about this situation.

“The fact of the matter is, you are better off contacting the Veteran’s Services Office and talking to the folks out there before you contact a lawyer,” Aultman said.

He advised that before someone can be an actual complainant or claimant, they have to…

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