Attorney found guilty of felony

GREENVILLE — After three hours of deliberation, the jury found Jessica Walker guilty of two counts of a four count indictment. Judge Stephen A. Wolaver presided.

Walker, 46, of New Madison, was on trial for two days in the Darke County Common Pleas Courthouse for allegations of two counts of felonious assault, one count of vehicular assault, and one count of failure to stop after an accident with a specification of causing serious injury.

The victim’s wife took the stand Tuesday to relay her perspective of the events. The wife advised the victim was looking down at the mail when they heard Walker’s tires in the gravel. She said they thought Walker was going to cut in front of her to go around the victim in order to be on the right side of the road, but they were surprised when Walker did not.

“She doesn’t. She doesn’t get on that side of the road, she stays on the wrong side of the road, she doesn’t stop, and she doesn’t let off the gas just – bam,” the wife said.

The wife continued saying Walker proceeded to drive off and leave the scene without the exchanging of information or to check on the victim. During the 911 call, the wife can be heard saying they originally did not want an ambulance. She claimed her husband did not want an ambulance due to being “pretty cheap.”

“He said his hand hurt, but it was mild in comparison to what his knee was. He took a pretty hard hit to that knee,” the wife said.

Defense attorney Dennis Lieberman rebutted the events of the day by bringing up facts about the victim and his wife seeking out a lawyer when the incident first occurred with the purpose of suing Walker.

“All we wanted to know was about our medical bills. I’m not going to sue her. I just wanted our medical bills paid,” the wife said.

The wife said “they were not suing her. It is not who they are.” She advised the court she does not believe she and the victim are going to pursue suing for coverage of the medical bills.

Evidence from Walker’s testimony on the dash cam in Sergeant Steven Mills’ cruiser was played for the court. In the video Sergeant Mills and Captain Shawn Trissel could be heard speaking with Walker about the incident.

“This guy, who was the one with the RV, he like rolled himself onto my car. He throws himself on my car, right. Did he have an injury- no,” Walker said.

In the video, the court can hear Walker get cut off by Captain Trissel saying the victim did have an injury. Walker continued to tell the service members she had been pulling out of the lot when the victim advanced toward her.

“I was going to the stop sign from a very low, bare movement, and he threw himself onto my car and said ‘you’re hurting me’,” Walker said.

Walker could be heard saying “of course he was concerned because I had called the police about his mobile home.”

Walker had been asked in the video what was the problem with the RV being in the lot, and she responded with “it’s a public place, so I was just reporting it. I guess that’s where they keep their overflow for their personal property. Where their junk goes.”

Previously in Walker’s initial 9-1-1 call with dispatch regarding the mobile home, she could be heard stating she was a trustee, but later asked if a trustee had given the victim permission to park in the lot. Walker had also stated….

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