Murder suspect posts bail

GREENVILLE — Dean M. Baker posted bail Thursday morning, and State Prosecuting Attorney Deborah Quigley expressed her concerns. Judge Jonathan P. Hein presided.

Dean M. Baker, 35, of Greenville, is a suspect in connection to the death of Corey Fleming, and Assistant State Prosecutor Deborah Quigley had originally advised the court that the State would like to set the bond at $150,000.

On Thursday morning, Baker posted bail and was subjected to a house arrest ankle monitor with no freedom to work. Quigley advised the court she intended to file a motion to modify bail, given the results of the current election where courts can now take community safety into further consideration.

Quigley believed the community safety concerns warrant a modification of Bakers bond in this case due to threats he has made.

“The state would note the defendant has made threats to those involved in the case,” Quigley said. “He, in fact, sent a letter to one of the state’s witnesses in which he stated to her ‘you will live in fear the rest of your days. After years of bond and friendship, betrayal, to me, is the worst anyone could do in someone’s life’.”

Quigley said this, along with the fact the defendant has had phone conversations with his brother talking about going to the witnesses home explaining how to get into the back door, is why she believes he is a big threat.

“Again the state finds this very concerning. Especially since his lawyer said the witness is key in this case,” Quigley said.

She said due to his statements, the witness, Baker’s wife, and his girlfriend’s husband are all in danger. It was said Baker allegedly ….

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