Jake Owen lights up the night

GREENVILLE — The Darke County Fair was lit up with more than carnival rides and games Monday night.

Fairgoers enjoyed the fresh country sound of Jake Owen in the Grandstands. His energetic, summer-themed performance had the crowd on its feet from the beginning.

“He is one of the most dynamic performers I have seen in a long time,” Rowdy J. with K99.1 FM said. “I don’t think I’ve had as much fun since I saw Garth Brooks in the 90s.”

Owen ran on stage with a smile on his face and it never left for a second. Watching his performance there is no question about how much he loves his job as he gives it all he has.

Within the first song he threw his guitar pick at a nearby fan and would continue to talk to individuals throughout the night. Owen likes to keep a sense of humor as he continues through his set.

“Man, after last year it feels good to be back on the road again,” Owen said.

He used the song title in a creative way to say he missed being on tour causing the crowd to cheer and laugh at his lead into his creative twist of the song. Continuing on, Owen began to ask the crowd questions.

“Question for y’all How many of you were born and raised right here in Greenville?” Owen asked.

A few crowd members jumped and cheered with hometown pride leading Owen to continue into his next song “Homemade.”

“I dedicate this to my five friends here in Ohio,” Owen continued.

The crowd not only sang and danced along, but was laughing as Owen didn’t just play to the crowd, he played for the crowd.

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