Darke County native opens for Lonestar

DARKE COUNTY — Paul RoseWood, an upcoming country music star from Darke County, just had the opportunity to open for Lonestar on March 4.

“It was great. I loved every second of it,” RoseWood said. “The only thing I can compare this (his experience that night) to is when I went down to Texas to shoot some content with the Tratter House boys.”

Locals may recognize RoseWood from a high school group a few years back called Shelby County Line where he was the lead singer up until he left the group after graduation to pursue a solo career in Nashville. He said the move to Nashville brought some big changes but is pretty much the same as performing in Ohio.

“Country folks are the same everywhere and it astonishes me,” RoseWood said. “It’s pretty much the same amount of fun either way. It’s just more miles and bigger audiences.”

RoseWood said the audiences are all the same no matter where he goes. Jokingly, he said “people in Ohio like to drink beer just like others in Wisconsin.” RoseWood said he feels that alcohol is a part of the “country standard” and almost every artist has at least one song about beer or whiskey.

“We kind of like to encourage that on some of the shows because that is kind of part of the Paul RoseWood vibe,” RoseWood said.

RoseWood’s upcoming single “Tennessee Water” is about whiskey from Tennessee, and he deems it a crowd pleaser every time he performs it. RoseWood said the song is about a character who is down on his luck and ready to hit up a couple bars. It’s about getting loose in the “Tennessee Water”.

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