A Holiday Rescue

GREENVILLE — Few sensations are as frightening as waking up and not being able to get enough air, especially when all alone.

The intense tightening of the chest, hunger for oxygen that can be tasted but never ingested, and breathlessness that leaves the body weak causing a fight to stay awake long enough to find the phone and call for help. A few minutes can seem like hours as you feel the seconds pass by, wondering if this is going to have a lasting effect.

That’s what it was like when Don Myers met his heroes. No, not the caped crusaders one would see on a Saturday morning while eating a bowl of cereal, but real heroes who tend to be overlooked. These heroes Myers refers to tend to be overlooked in the background and under appreciated, as they are the ones who will come to your rescue when no one else will.

“Those men and women deserve recognition for their sacrifices and hard work,” Myers said.

On Dec. 23, 2022, Myers awoke, alone in his home, with a case of double pneumonia. Darke County had been in the midst of severe weather that was sweeping the county making road conditions unbearable.

“Friday, we were put on a level three weather advisory. No one could get out of their garages. The streets were impassable, and we were all advised to stay home,” Myers said.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, Myers had woken up and could not breath.

“It was pretty scary,” Myers said. “I came down the steps to get to the phone, and I could hardly get down the steps because I was so weak.”

Myers advised he had struggled to even get out of his chair to unlock the door for the medics. He said it was the first time he had ever had that experience. He feared needing a respirator and couldn’t help but think about his wife who was in the nursing home after experiencing her own health concerns the previous year.

“I thought ‘but I have to take care of her, Lord help me’. Well by golly, the two young men came, and I had to lean on their shoulders to walk, but they came,” Myers said.

After being placed in the ambulance, Wayne HealthCare advised they did not have …

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