Versailles Village Council discusses well pump test results

VERSAILLES – The Versailles Village Council discussed the well 13’s pumping tests and the results.

The two-hour step test and the 72-hour pumping test for well 13 was conducted the week of Aug. 29. Eagon and Associates first conducted the two-hour step test on Monday. Village Administrator Mike Busse provided a report saying upon reviewing the results of the step test, Eagon recommended that the 72-hour flow test be performed at a rate of 600 gallons per minute (GPM).

Busse presented the graphs to the council with the results from monitoring the surrounding businesses and residential areas during the pump tests. The first graph presented was the data received from Cottonwood Lakes from both the residence and business.

“It looks like the most draw down we had was about 3.61 feet,” Busse said. “It was as from the beginning of the pump test to 72-hours later when we turned it off.”

Cottonwood Lakes was said to be roughly a quarter of a mile from the well pump, and the recovery time monitored from 10 a.m. until 3:58 p.m. recovered about a quarter of a foot.

“When we checked it again on Sept. 6, the following Tuesday, it was only down about three quarters of a foot from what we started with,” Busse said.

Busse advised council they will be monitoring and checking recoveries again on Friday, Sept. 16 as a follow up. He also showed more personal data regarding the Cottonwood Lakes Middle Pond saying the testing did not show an individual effect.

“The graphs show you that the angles are at a steady rate of decline based on the weather,” Busse said. “When we did out pumping from the week of the 29th, you can see, by the data, that there really isn’t…

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