Ay-CAR-amba – Versailles council could limit parking

VERSAILLES — The Versailles Village Council hosted public discussion Wednesday with citizens concerning South Olive Street parking.

The Street and Safety Committee had previously met on South Olive Street to discuss limiting parking to one side of the street, as there are concerns regarding two way traffic safely passing. Council member Kent Paulus voiced his opinion stating he “does drive the street almost every day and feels it probably does need done.”

“It gets pretty narrow with cars on both sides of the street,” Paulus said.

Citizen John Harman disagreed saying he feels the safety issues regarding the parking are not of any concern. He believes the possibility of two cars meeting in the narrowness of South Olive Street is “very seldom done.”

“I’m of the opinion it happens very seldom, and it slows people down if it does happen. It isn’t a bad thing,” Harman said.

Village Administrator Mike Busse advised the council there were talks of proposing limiting parking on the west side of the street after looking at both sides. He said “there are reasons to do one side or the other,” but after receiving a letter from the Village Engineer, South Olive was deemed not wide enough to have parking on both sides by current standards.

“His recommendation is based on the continued increase of traffic and the fact the roadway is at least a foot too narrow to have parking on both sides with two way traffic,” Busse said.

Busse said he does not have strong feelings about what side of the street the council decides on, as there are reasons to limit parking on either side. He said, on the west side of the street, the advantage is there’s “T” streets that come in, so all the houses on the west side will have their parking affected differently. “If we should limit parking on the west side of the street, they should have the ability to park in front of their houses because they are on a corner lot.”

“If you go to the other side of the street, all those houses have driveways and garages, but many of those don’t have parking available in front of their house,” Busse said.

Regarding safety, Busse said he believes it does not matter…

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