I would be lying if I said I knew exactly what I am doing, or I have an easy life because I don’t. Then again, who does? So many times we get it in our heads that life is as perfect as a movie; however, in reality, nothing is perfect.

My name is Meladi, and in 19 years there have been a bunch of bumps along my path. I plan on sharing those journeys in my blog. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn about how I love Halloween, the struggles of being a “Scripps Kid” at Ohio University, or about the time I got stitches in my tongue.

My aspirations for this blog are to produce relatable content in an entertaining and informative way, as well as, produce an interactive way to compile all of my work into one space. I want all who view my posts to either laugh, cry, or smile alongside me. I am going to post about what pops into my mind on any given day. Somedays it will be a project I am working on, others will be stories about what has happened in my life, or, when I’m feeling up to it, I will post inspirational and lesson filled content.

But most of all!!!! I just want to keep things real, as I share part of my “perfect” life with you.