Kirk Cameron speaks at defending hope banquet

GREENVILLE — The Pregnancy Help Center raised over $46,000 to continuously help women and families in Darke County.

The Pregnancy Help Center hosted a banquet on Friday, Sept. 23 at Romer’s Catering to help raise support and funds for their continued support of the community. This year’s theme: Defending Hope.

“The mission of The Pregnancy Help Center is to provide hope,” Director Jeannette Shuff said. “Every situation and every scenario is so unique, and nothing is one size fits all.”

The PHC provides hope in the unplanned in a variety of ways to encourage everyone by creating family, friendships, and undivided support.

“Just because of our decisions doesn’t mean that you are meant to do something alone. We have all made bad decisions and messed up decisions in the past. It is about somebody getting into the mess with us, walking with us, and encouraging us,” Shuff said.

She said the PHC is about figuring out what we can do together and about making our community a better place to live. PHC defends hope through education and support.

Through various testimonies, it was said, “the PHC is a ton of resources for the community to help better their needs.” Not only does the Darke County PHC help pregnant women and families with a new child, it also offers programs like ACES to help people earn their education in an environment better suited for their needs.

Roughly 644 students have been reached from the SRA program. Six Darke County schools choose the PHC’s Sexual Risk Avoidance Program for their state sex ed requirements. They offer this at no charge to the schools, as the PHC pays the full $9,000.

“The Darke County Pregnancy Help Center means a lot to me. It’s kind of like asking me what my family means to me because that is what they are about: family,” a testimony in their presentation said.

The director is a mother of seven, and she herself was a teen mother. She said with recent events such as Roe v Wade being reversed, she should be able to come up to the stage and just do a mic drop; however, the PHC provides so much more than that.

“Our work at the center is worth so much more than that. I should know because I was a teen mom. I was one of those clients after I became a mom at 17,” Shuff said.

She said before becoming pregnant she had a…

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