Ohio University Takes a Stand.

Ohio University is fighting back after the 2018-2019 school year has gotten off to a rocky start with an increased amount of sexual assault cases having been reported.

Students, faculty, and staff have been hard at work searching for ways to bring awareness of sexual assault. Greek life hung banners outside of their homes to stow their stans on the subject, and OU students conducted a march on September 27th to vocalize their concerns about the university and its procedures to help survivors.

“I think that, um, that it is important for people to come forward about it now that they’re comfortable to report it because I think that they didn’t before,” nutrition student Brooke Sevetin said.

But the students are not the only ones taking action. Ohio University staff is conducting programs and inviting speakers to come to campus to raise awareness of sexual harassment and how it is a common problem outside of college as well.

The college and Scripps School of Communication welcomed Mary Annette Pember to the school in order to speak to listening ears about covering sexual assault in Indian Country and beyond.  She opened the eyes of those present about how big the problem actually is.

“There’s crime everywhere, like, this happens literally everywhere,” applied nutrition student, Cristina Sayvotsky said.

OU has taken a stand and would like you to join its community in ending sexual assault.