Versailles intercepts triumph over Redskins

VERSAILLES — Versailles intercepts triumph over Redskins.

In a nail biting game of back and forth, the Tigers and Redskins took turns intercepting passes in the hopes of gaining another victory, as both teams successfully won their first games of the season the week prior. In Friday’s battle, it was Versailles who came out victorious with a score of 26 to 21.

Versailles had fans worried in the first quarter as Fort Loramie’s own, Ethan Keiser, #22, scored the first touchdown of the game only 8 minutes and 30 seconds in. Versailles pressed hard on Keiser, but he still succeeded, thus setting the tone for the Tigers that the Redskins were not going to be taken down easily.

The taunting from the student section could be heard by spectators as they cried out, “get mad, get angry, you got to want it, let’s go Tigers”, and Versailles player #17, Michael Osborne, must have heard the cries as he delivered.

With under six minutes left in the first quarter, Connor Stonebreaker, #30, passed the ball to Osborne for a Tiger touchdown; however, cheers from one team quickly switched to the other as the referees threw a flag on the play due to holding. The play was redone with a rush to no avail. The Tigers were no longer able to gain back the brief taste of victory, and the quarter ended 7 to 0, Redskins.

Heading into the second quarter, Versailles fans were not impressed as Fort Loramie scored another touchdown within the first few minutes, and a fumble on the Tiger return led to a Redskin recovery.

However, just when the Redskins felt like they were going to have the game in the bag, …

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