A scout earns his wings

ARCANUM/PITSBURG — Through hard work and perseverance against the race of time, one scout earns the title of “Eagle.”

Nathaniel Davis has been involved with scouting for 11 years since joining in the fall of 2010 and crossing over from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA in May 2014. He is currently a member of troop 185 out of Pitsburg and Arcanum.

“I got started in scouts because I would hear a lot of stories about scouting at the dinner table on Sunday nights,” Davis said. “There were lots of positive experiences and stories that sounded fun to me.”

Davis’s grandparents were leaders, his dad got involved for a brief time as a youth, and Davis’s two uncles earned Eagle rank when they were involved as well. Those dinner conversations were the push Davis needed to earn the Eagle rank.

Davis stated In order to earn the rank of Eagle, the Life scout must be active in the troop for six months prior to being eligible, serve in a troop leadership position for six months, earn 13 required merit badges and eight elective merit badges, and the scout must participate in a scoutmaster conference as well as complete the Eagle scout application.

“The largest requirement is the Eagle Service project which must be planned and led by the scout,” Davis said. “After completion of those requirements a scout can go for a board of review which is essentially an interview to show why you are qualified for the rank of eagle.”

The extensive process must be completed before the scout’s 18 birthday. Due to time restraints, Davis’s biggest challenge was time due to the outdoor aspects of his project needing good weather.

“The project I completed included repainting a wooden play structure in the Pitsburg park as well as replacing a few of the steps on it,” Davis said.

Besides fixing up the play structure itself, Davis also organized to have a freshtop layer of mulch placed on the entirety of the play area. He believed it would give the play surface some extra use.

“My favorite part about being a scout are the activities I can participate in,” Davis said. “Through getting more involved on a council level I was able to elevate my involvement and meet plenty of new friends.”

Davis continues by saying he enjoyed the social aspect and having those connections to share the love of the outdoors with. The values the Scouts BSA hold for the …

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