Versailles: the problem with parking is it isn’t going anywhere

VERSAILLES — Residence of South Olive Street in Versailles expressed their concern about the newly limited parking the village has mandated.

“No matter what we do, somebody’s not going to be happy about it,” Busse said.

The Versailles Village Council had previously passed legislation limiting parking on the west side of South Olive Street in town. Signs had been posted shortly after, and concerned residents on South Olive attended the Wednesday meeting to express different safety concerns the council may not have considered.

Discussions were had between Scott Ward and the council to better understand the decisions that were made. Ward made it clear he mainly wanted to raise awareness about his concerns and try to better understand the council’s justifications about their decision. He wanted to know how and why they decided to limit parking on the side of the street they chose.

“I’m going to start off about safety on that street, and we were blindsided, I guess, when the signs went up that said no parking on the east side of the street,” Ward said.

He referenced the original letter the village had sent out saying it said “propose and review the recommendation for the street and safety committee concerning prohibiting parking on the west side of South Olive Street,” and Ward spoke on behalf of the residence saying it was interpreted to be the opposite side of his house, so they thought it didn’t pertain to them due to the specifics.

With the way the letter was written, he did not feel the need to pay the parking issue any mind during the process because he was unaware the side of the street could change, and he apologized for misinterpreting and not coming forth sooner.

“Back to the safety. You know there are four houses including mine without access to side streets,” Ward said. “All the houses on the west side either have a front or side street they can park onto where us four on the other side have nothing except across the street.

He expressed concerns about having to cross the street in order to get to his house for himself, his family, and the children his wife babysits during the day. He said to have the children cross the street with the increased traffic …

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